Moorland Distributions is a modern-day bike brand distributor which was established in 2021. We pride ourselves on excellent customer services and a wealth of knowledge with over 15 years of bike experience.

With alternative marketing strategies and dedicated brand websites, we bring top brands worldwide such as Magicshine and Smanie with a growing Portfolio.

Smanie Saddles

Smanie saddles are developed through partnerships with world-class athletes to meet the demands of the most challenging tracks and race situations, confirmed by studies carried out in the lab and fit studio and available to all. We design products so that you can focus on the road or trail ahead, the riders around you and […]

Magicshine Wholesale

Get started with Magicshine products, huge range available with substantial volume discounts for retailers. 

Magicshine UK

Since 1999, Magicshine has been focused on outdoor lighting area for 20 years, with the mission to provide high performance lights for professional night time outdoor activities, to keep people safe in darkness.

Join us

As an avid rider myself, I understand the challenges fellow riders often face when looking for a reliable, cost-effective products which also benefit from complete ‘in house’ warranties and product support with each purchase.

Moorland Distributions are delighted to bring a new and innovative range of bike brands to the UK!